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Handy time-saving teacher's guide with every lesson

You will receive a clear to-the-point teacher's manual with our teaching material. This offers many advantages:

  • The teacher's manual saves you a lot of work and therefore also time. You don't have to search for lessons or background information yourself. Sometimes useful links are provided to related information on other reliable (educational) websites.
  • With every lesson / manual it is indicated which material is needed per lesson, you only have to prepare it.
  • Every lesson has been given a part with in-depth knowledge. This extra information is not necessary for attending the lesson itself, but can be used to offer differentiation in the lessons.
  • You can use the pupil competence tracking system, a pupil-oriented tracking system in which a profile is built up of interests and knowledge/skills per pupil.


1 - Learning materials in simple steps, get started right away!

Our teaching materials make work a lot easier for teachers. The teaching material is presented in simple visual steps and students can get started right away. There is differentiation per lesson with, for example, cultural and/or theoretical background information.

2 - Clear teacher's manual, saves a lot of time!

Due to the clear teacher's manual with lists, the preparation of lessons takes very little time. Each teacher's guide includes a list of supplies and materials to prepare, simple information and some theoretical background information for students who want to learn more.

3 - Student interest and qualities profile, passport for the future!

With our Student Competency tracking System you can easily make a profile of skills and interests for each student. This profile can serve as a handy CV when choosing secondary education, but it can also point out other areas of learning possibilities as well.

This makes our teaching material unique and special. Not only because of the teaching material, but precisely because of the combination of our lesson plans with teacher manual and our student competence tracking system.


Teaching materials in line with the 21st century skills (of the SLO)

If you are looking for teaching materials for primary education with a focus on creative thinking and the guidelines of the SLO, then you have come to the right place at Yeti. Our teaching materials cover all the following skills (see also the page about Steam Plus):


SCIENCE education

Critical and problem-solving thinking, creative thinking. Instructive and fun experiments with a piece of physics, mathematics and chemistry. Think flexible and divergent, see new possibilities and above all: experiment!



Digital information skills combined with creative and technical skills. Learn to deal with a lot of information and learn to filter. What information is important and where does the information come from (source).


EARTH education

Ecology and respect for our planet are important for the near future for all of us! Students learn at an early stage what is and what is not good for our ecosystem and how they can easily contribute.


ART education

Stimulate creative abilities and flexibility so that students can more easily adapt and choose their path. Learning to deal with changes in the world through creativity and experiencing different forms of art.


MEDIA education

Social and cultural skills, interacting with each other, respect for people and animals. Gaining insight into art, advertising and (social) media. Learning to see the influence of (social) media, learning to deal with various media.



Taking responsibility, looking for direction and looking at yourself critically. Awareness of thought patterns and behavior towards others. To see and use one's own individual possibilities (uniqueness / identity).


Combination of teaching materials, teacher's guide and student competency profile

STEAM PLUSThe complete curriculum with teacher's manual runs from group 1 to 8 and is designed in such a way that cross-curricular lessons are offered. The teaching material offered can safely be called unique. This is because there is a lesson plan with a teacher's manual for each lesson and a student tracking system based on personal interest and quality. With the teacher's manual and the teaching materials, you have perfect primary school materials for creative subjects. Yeti has come up with a system that goes beyond the original Steam, STEAM+ (STEAM PLUS). Cross-curricular classes are therefore also offered, in which subjects such as IT, physics, mathematics, chemistry, but also social-emotional thinking and acting, sustainability, and more can be discussed. The teacher manuals are made per lesson and each lesson deals with some of the above topics and subjects. All lessons together are a balanced whole.


Student competency profile, focused on the student's qualities and interests

The student competency profile is aimed at offering students a passport of themselves. When the full program is offered, a profile can eventually be developed in which the qualities and interests of the student are the main focus. This is a good preparation for secondary education, makes it easier to make choices and gives a good insight into the interests of the pupil. This profile is no longer based on the classic grading, but focuses in particular on the qualities and interests of the pupil and where the pupil could develop further.


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