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Teaching Creative Subjects in Primary School

Are you looking for the most complete teaching material for primary education that focuses on the 21st century skills? Then you have come to the right place with us. We dare to state that we have the most complete teaching material for creative subjects in primary education. Focused on creative thinking, sustainability, emotional social acting and thinking, but also a solid basis for science subjects (see also Steam Plus).

It is very easy to work with our teaching materials, including the handy teacher's manual and the Student Competence Tracking System. With the teaching material for primary education that we offer, we aim to make school more enjoyable for children and to make work a lot easier for teachers.

Educational material primary school for ages 6 to 12

Our teaching materials for primary education are focused on creative thinking. The guidelines of the SLO have been our starting point. Our teaching materials emphasize creative thinking, the use of digital media, social-emotional skills, self-management and sustainability. Through our teaching material for primary education, the children learn to learn and think in a playful way. We offer a complete curriculum from group 1 to group 8. Our teaching materials have a logical structure and cross-curricular lessons are also offered.


Lesmateriaal basisonderwijs

Lesmateriaal basisonderwijs digitaal


Teacher's manual: preparation for class takes less time for the teacher

Our teaching material for primary education is unique, because of the to the point teacher's manual but also because of the student tracking system based on personal interests and qualities. But mainly it is easy to use and it saves a lot of time. Simple, visual steps in the teaching materials help students to get started right away. Differentiation in the lessons is offered by the extra background information appropriate to each lesson. There are practical lists of supplies to prepare for each lesson.

The complete lesson plan will offer students creative thinking skills, cultural awareness, digital thinking skills but also social emotional skills. The teacher thus has significantly less preparation time. That is also a valid reason to choose our lesson plans.

Creative thinking: art and culture / experimentation and creation

Our teaching materials combine play and learning in a unique way. There is more room for art, culture, sustainability, but also for experimentation and creation. Getting started with digital information skills is also part of our unique teaching material for primary education.

Doing, taking risks and experimenting, but also making mistakes and learning from them is the basis for the lessons. The children are thus challenged to develop their critical thinking, creative thinking and rethinking skills. The material therefore fits in well with the 21st-century skills. The teaching material is also aimed at better preparing children for the skills that are expected of them in this day and age. The lessons can be used in print or digital / online. 

Competency tracking system: focused on the qualities and interests of the student

Our student competence tracking system distinguishes itself in that a profile (Student Competency Profile, SCP) can be built up for each student based on their interests and qualities. During primary school teachers and the students themselves can indicate what their interests are. For each part, it is possible to keep track of how well the subject fits the student.

With this, every student ultimately has a profile/passport that makes it easier for him/her to make choices in the future, for secondary education but also for later. Teachers keep track of the system themselves in an LCP sheet (offline), mostly for reasons of privacy. Because the complete lesson plan is a balanced combination of all skills, the tracking system can only be offered when using the full lesson plan.


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