YETI CURRICULUM DESIGN, curriculum for creative subjects for primary school

Yeti Curriculum Design
Immediately usable teaching material for creative subjects in primary education

Includes Computer Skills / IT, Creative Thinking, Sustainability and more, all according to SLO guidelines


Teaching materials for the creative subjects

Yeti Curriculum Design offers a complete package of teaching materials, teacher manuals and Competency Tracking System (pupil CV) for creative subjects in primary education. The material is in line with the 21st century skills of the SLO with some extras. The integral focus is on creative thinking (rethinking/problem solving), use of digital media, social-emotional skills, self-management and sustainability. Learning (and thinking) through play is key. The complete curriculum runs from group 1 to group 8 and is structured in such a way that many techniques are offered and cross-curricular lessons are part of the plan (Steam Plus!). Yeti's Curriculum for the creative subjects is very easy and fast to use. It is also unique because of its threefold basis:

  • the lesson plan, digital or print version
  • a clear and timesaving teacher's manual
  • the student tracking system based on each students' personal interests and qualities.

Yeti-Design wants kids to enjoy going to school and we want to make teaching easier for teachers. We achieve this by:

  • footsteps-outlineTeaching material (in print or digital) in simple (visual) steps, Students can get started immediately.
  • cellular-outlineDifferentiation per class in the form of additional background, cultural and / or theoretical knowledge.
  • document-text-outlineClear and short teacher manuals offering an overview of the requirements per lesson: little preparation is needed.
  • accessibility-outlineA competency and interests profile tracking system* for students throughout the curriculum.
  • layers-outlineOffering a choice for the full creative curriculum or individual modules.

The 21st century skills by Yeti Curriculum Design

Yeti's teaching material is largely based on the SLO guidelines with a few extras. In addition to the well-known 21st century skills, extra attention is paid to sustainability and ecology, social-emotional thinking and acting, as well as the influence of social media and advertising. Yeti offers the most complete curriculum for creative subjects that is also very easy to work with.



Unique Trinity: Lesson Plan, Teacher's Guide and Student Competency Tracking System




The teaching material is intended for primary school children. All of the above goals are included in the full program. from sustainability, critical thinking,  IT-skills, (Social) Media Understanding to social skills. Modules can also be used separately.



Each lesson module has its own teacher manual, specifically aimed at the lesson. Each teacher's manual includes a list of supplies and additional information. This will save a lot of preparation and time. Download and use immediately!



When using the full curriculum of YETI, a student profile system is offered. Each student builds up a profile of personal skills and qualities over the years. This serves as a good personal passport for secondary education and for future life.



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